Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5: Can’t Decide? Then Leave It To Mother Earth

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Do you know how much mercury; chlorine or lead is in your Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5? Both handsets contain all of these substances, along with many other different toxic substances.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: which is less toxic?

The iPhone 5 came out a little better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the toxicity tests, however all smartphones have eco issues, according to the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor. The majority of devices have over 40 elements, some of which happen to be organic pollutants or heavy metals.

Even the better handsets in the test are still packed with chemical hazards. The iPhone 4S came second in the tests with the Motorola Citrus coming in first. Samsung on the other hand had an average rating for all of their devices.

The most toxic of handsets was the Palm Treo 750 which was released in 2007 and this was followed by the Blackberry Storm from 2008. It seems that mobile phones are at least getting a step closer to being cleaner and greener handsets.

Some of the biggest offenders were lead, mercury, chlorine, cadmium and bromium. These can all lead to health problems, cause impaired hearing and can be the cause of birth defects. Of course consumers are not exposed to these; it can lead to problems at recycling plants when the life of the handset is over.

So if you’re not sure whether to go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, the Apple phone was found to do (slightly) less damage to Mother Earth.

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