Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Samsung Nothing But A Big Hunk Of Plastic [Jeffries]

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Analysts Piper Jefferies think that Apple will do well in sales in the months ahead as they spent a weekend with the iPhone 5 in their possession. They believe that Apple may have designed a phone that make the Samsung Galaxy S3 look tacky and nothing more than a “hunk of plastic” reports eWeek.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Jeffries chimes in

Misek said that the display of the iPhone 5 felt and looked natural when held against the ear and that the Samsung Galaxy S3 felt like a waffle when held to the head. He also praised the iPhone 5 due to the fact that it’s easy to handle with one hand, while the same cannot be said about the Samsung Galaxy S3.

While the iPhone 5 has many good points, including LTE, the A6 processor which is fast and Siri, there is also some downsides. One of these is Apple maps of course, which was described as being awful. It couldn’t even find the address of the analyst. Another let down is lack of NFC of course. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with it and provides fun along with features that are impressive. It also has Google Maps of course.

The analyst said that one of his family members had switched to the iPhone 5 after being with Blackberry for 10 years and what was most surprising was how easy the transition had been. This person liked the choice of apps and the quality of them and their phone bill was down by $10 per month. They said the build of the iPhone 5 was superior to that of the Blackberry they had been using and that the screen was a lot brighter. Due to this the analyst believes that RIM may lose more consumers to the iPhone 5.

Jefferies said that they thought Apple may sell around 26 million units of the iPhone 5 in Q3. This is up slightly from the 23 million they had estimated, based on sales of 8 to 10 million units.

They also believe that the iPad Mini will be coming out in October and so they have reigned in their forecasts for the iPad 2, from 12 million to 6 million. They expect the new Mini iPad to sell around 8 million units up to Q4.

The iPhone 5 will be the best selling phone in the history of electronic gadgets, even despite the few hiccups, predicts Jefferies. As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, reports from September still showed the Android phone selling well.

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