Results Are In, Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 Walking Tall Right Through 3rd Quarter

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Samsung and Apple have both published their revenue results for Q3 of 2012 and both of them are healthy and are primed for the holiday season.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 give companies healthy sales returns

Apple enjoyed a net profit over the quarter of $8.2 billion, with Samsung close behind at $7.4 billion. Of course we don’t know the official figures of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, as these figures have not been released. However analysts have been able to estimate the impact that the devices will have on the bottom line of both of the tech giants. Last year the net profit of Apple in the Q3 was $6.6 billion. Apple said that their international sales were made up of 60% of the net revenue of Q3.

Around $26.9 million of the profits came about thanks to sales of the iPhone, these represent 58% of the growth of the quarter last year.

Tim Cook said that Apple had enjoyed a great fiscal year and that they had record quarter results in September. Apple will be going into the Christmas period with one of the best ever iPhones, the iPhone 5, on the market along with iPad, Mac and iPod products, and they are very confident in their new products.

Peter Oppenheimer, the Apple CFO said that he was pleased to have seen Apple generate over $41 billion in net income and have more than $50 billion in cash flow in 2012. The predictions for Q1 of 2013 are expected to reach $52 billion and earnings per share will be around $11.75.

Apple said on 24th September that they had sold more than 5 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend the device was launched. Piper Jaffray said that they thought Apple would sell around 25 million iPhone 5 units before the year was up.

Androidauthority meanwhile said that the Galaxy S3 from Samsung had enjoyed four out of five best-selling weeks AFTER the iPhone 5 had been unveiled. Samsung are said to be the leaders at the moment in shipments of smartphones around the world and these reports show that the iPhone 5 won’t be slowing them down this quarter.

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