Pow! iPhone 5 Hits Samsung Galaxy S3 Where It Hurts Most

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Even before the official iPhone 5 debut, people predicted that it’d take some of the gloss off the Samsung Galaxy S3. When the S3 debuted, Foxconn’s CEO told the public to wait for the iPhone 5 instead of buying the Samsung flagship, as they’d regret it. Was he right?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: benchmark tests

You can’t deny that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a brilliant phone, and on paper it blows the iPhone 5 away – Samsung always goes for fast, powerful hardware that sets the bar pretty high.

So, on paper the S3 wins out – it has a larger screen, flexible software and strong hardware. However, benchmark tests show otherwise.

PCMag tested both handsets and found that the iPhone 5 is actually more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Yup. Apple inserted some amazing stuff into that slinky body. In almost all the benchmark tests, the iPhone 5 came out on top, and by a surprising margin adds PCMag.

Benchmarks can be a bit skittish, and the two phones do run on different operating systems, but this has never deterred Samsung from beating its chest and hollering how much better its hardware is compared to Apple’s.

The iPhone 5 is faster than its ancestors, but it’s not sure yet if it’s the fastest smartphone out there, even if PCMag says it is. If you’re in the market for a new phone, benchmark test results, no matter how impressive, are not the only thing you need to think about. You need to look at initial and running costs, as well as the quality of the screen, the operating system – if you “get on” with it or not – and the design and other features.

Stats and test results don’t mean much if you simply don’t like the way a phone looks and runs, after all, you’re stuck with the thing for two years.

Having said all this, if the iPhone 5 is actually faster than the Samsung Galaxy S3, Cupertino may finally have found a way to stop Samsung berating Apple for lagging behind Android.

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