Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5: Why I Left Apple’s Bandwagon

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Rumors are flying about the phones coming out before the end of the year, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which was recently unveiled and the iPhone 5 which is long overdue. Until they’re here, you have the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is one of the best around. The Samsung Galaxy S3 broke pre-order records and is among the fastest smartphones out there. So the big question that I faced last week when I was due for an upgrade was whether I should bag it now or wait to see what Apple has planned for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why I stopped waiting

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available now, whereas you’re looking at another month before you can get hold of an iPhone 5 even if rumors serve true. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has a lot to brag about, like that 4.8” screen (the iPhone 5 is rumored to have a 4” screen, which is already pushing it for this brand).

Wireless charging is another Samsung Galaxy S3 advantage that the iPhone 5 isn’t likely to have. The S3 battery is removable, whereas the iPhone’s battery is non-removable and smaller. The iPhone 5 probably won’t have an external SD card (the S3 has one) and if you take a lot of videos and photos, you’ll want one.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has HDMI outputs for linking to an HDTV, but it doesn’t look like Apple is going to oblige here. JellyBean (Android 4.1) is coming to the S3 before the end of the year, with an S-Voice update and Google Now. The new S-Voice is nicer to listen to than Siri, apparently.

Apple devotees will be all over the iPhone 5 whatever happens, but it still won’t beat the S3 in either hardware or software as we’ve seen in the past with battles between the Galaxy S flagships and iPhones. They merely try to match each other instead of topping.

I’m neither here nor there when it comes to operating systems, so I bought a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 last week and I love it. When the iPhone 5 comes out I may end up kicking myself, but really, the pitched battles between Galaxy S and iPhone over recent years have shown that you can’t go wrong buying either one of these products.

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