Galaxy S3 & iPhone 4S Drag Test Resembles Geek Wedding

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S are the most popular handsets on the market right now. We’ve seen them pitted against each other based on specs, performance, user experience and even design. Now here’s a new one.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S drag test

“I know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 4s on scratch and drop tests, but what happens when both phones get dragged by a car?” That’s the description of the latest test which was posted on YouTube this week. Dubbed a “drag test”, the YouTube reviewer has posted a short clip where he hastily drags both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S on the road after tying them to the back of this car.

The first thing that came to my mind when seeing the clip was this must be what a geek’s wedding would look like. Secondly, I was wondering if it is illegal to do this, hence explaining why the reviewer seemed to want to rush through the whole thing.

Well enough chatter, check out the video below to see whether the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S wins in this unusual test. Have a good weekend folks.

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