iPhone 4S Triples Your Chances Of Cancer Compared To S3

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Each day reports find something new that could give you cancer. In the past potatoes and even crayons have been blamed. Now it seems that the iPhone 4S can be added to the ever growing list, thanks to information from experts in radiation safety, Tawkon.

iPhone 4s more likely to give you cancer than Samsung Galaxy S3

Their data has revealed that the iPhone 4S by Apple has the second highest rating for specific absorption, known as SAR. This is what is used to test how much radiation the body is taking in. The iPhone 4S has a level of 1.111 watts per kilogram. The top spot was taken by the Blackberry Bold 9700 with 1.37 watts per kilogram.

However before you start holding your phone as far away from the ear as possible, bear in mind that both of the handsets are still way below the minimum recommended. In Europe, experts say that the most radiation a person should be exposed to is 2 watts per kilogram. In the US, it is 1.6 watts per kilogram.

With the recent findings having being posted this is yet another thing that Apple has to worry about. It wasn’t long ago when they removed the radiation app by Tawkon from their App Store. Could this be due to the fact that it showed the ratings of their iPhone? Their rivals Samsung on the other hand came out well in the test with their latest handset, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device was the least harmful in mobile phones with just 0.34 watts per kilogram.

So we are looking at two opposites of the spectrum between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S. However we doubt this will affect the buying decision of consumers. If you like Apple, you’re going with the iPhone 4S or upcoming iPhone 5. If you a fan of Android, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely on your list of the must-have Android phones.


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