Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 4S: Users Speak The Truth

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Just recently, The Inquirer looked at the iPhone 4S and compared it to the hot new Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of design and build, performance, OS, camera, battery, connectivity and storage.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S: consumers voice their opinion

It resulted in a tie – with The Enquirer saying that although the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better than the iPhone 4S in many ways, the iPhone 4S was much easier to use on a daily basis, which nudged it in front. The readers’ comments following the story denied this – strenuously, it seems.

One Samsung Galaxy S3 owner said that the iPhone 4S seemed like a primitive old brick after just an hour with the new toy. Another decried the iPhone 4S’display for causing a lot of typos. Autocorrect was a big bugbear, and Siri was a mess. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is more powerful, looks sleeker and is great for watching movies.

One user said that while he liked his iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was stronger and had better specs. He described the iPhone 4S as an iPod Touch with an extra antenna and that anyone after a proper smartphone should get a S3.

It may look like the posters were all about the Samsung Galaxy S3, but some did stick up for Apple, but for the iPhone 5 and not the 4S. They recommended that people wait for its release before pitting Apple against Samsung.

Will the iPhone 5 manage to tempt a few Android-heads to defect? This much-vaunted device will be with us soon, so we don’t have to wait long to find out.


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