Can iPhone 4S Be Called A Smartphone After S3 Raises Bar?

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Two smartphones that are at the top of the market right now are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 4S. While the S3 deserves to be in the smartphone bracket thanks to the numerous tech it has, can the same be said for the iPhone 4S in 2012? Let’s find out.

Smart features of Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

One of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy S3 so smart is facial recognition. The handset can tell when you are looking at the screen and when you are not. When you are not looking at the display it dims and it comes back on when you are looking. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have this ability, the screen dims and locks and you then have to unlock it to use it, unlike the Smart Stay feature of the S3.

Another “smart” feature seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is if you have a contact on screen and you want to call them, all you have to do is raise the handset to your ear. It will immediately attempt to dial the number of the contact. You can even get a screen shot of your display be swiping from right to left using the palm of your hand.

The iPhone 4S has a great camera of 8 megapixels and provides HD recording. It doesn’t beat the features in the S3 however which boasts burst mode, zero shutter lag and even the ability to take a photo while recording HD video.

Transferring files on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also smarter than on the iPhone 4S. The S3 has S Beam which means you can tap two devices together to share files fast and easy. The S3 also happens to be the faster of the two devices.

S Voice is also more natural than Siri, however this may soon change with the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Until then, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the upperhand.

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