Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 4S: The People Have Spoken!

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Recently the Inquirer compared the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 4S and took into account things like performance, design and build, the OS and software, camera, battery, storage and connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

They decided to call the comparison a tie between the two saying that the Samsung Galaxy S3 beat the iPhone 4S in many aspects but the iPhone was easier to use day in and day out meaning that it inched forward. The majority of their readers however seemed to totally disagree with this according to the comments that were posted.

One owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 reported that within an hour of owning the S3 they thought that the iPhone 4S was old technology and nothing more than a brick.

Another said that the display of the iPhone 4S meant that typos were a common problem. They also said that the autocorrect was horrible and that Siri was a mess. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the more powerful handset and not only does it look sleeker than the iPhone, it is superb for watching movies on.

One user said that while he liked his iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3 had the better specs and was the more powerful of the two devices. It was also said that the iPhone 4S was basically an iPod Touch with an extra antenna and if you wanted a proper smartphone you should get the Galaxy S3.

As you might have guessed it seems that everyone who posted are actually pro-Galaxy S3, but there was a few readers who stood up for Apple and in particular the rumored iPhone 5. They said to wait until the release of the iPhone 5 before making a comparison.

So will the iPhone 5 be enough to tempt Android fans to change their mind? The rumored released date is just around the corner so it is not long to wait to find out. Check out the one sided comments left on the Inquirer here.

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