Samsung Galaxy S3 Too Smart For iPhone 4S

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It makes sense that a smartphone is smart right, but which phone is actually the smartest when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

One of the things that make the Samsung Galaxy S3 stand out as being smarter than the iPhone 4S is facial recognition. This is simply due to the fact that the iPhone 4S does not have it. If you want to be able to look at your phone to unlock it you can activate it in settings and then security and then choose screenlock and faceunlock. SmartStay will make sure that while you are looking at the display it will not turn off and when you look away the screen will dim.

Samsung are ahead when it comes to direct calling too and the handset is so smart that you can even do this with gesture recognition. If you have a contact displayed on screen all you have to do to call them is raise the handset to your ear.

If you want to take a shot of your screen on the S3 all you have to do is swipe from right to left with your palm and it will take the shot.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is sleek looking and this makes the 4S look very chunky. Maybe when the next generation iPhone 5 is revealed this will all change and it may catch up with the 4.8 inch display of the Galaxy S3. However the iPhone 4S is simple and good looking and the S3 is harder to use and takes some getting used to if you’re new to the Android platform. When it comes to style it is a draw.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is clever, you do have to set up the phone to get the best out of it and this makes it fiddly. Siri on the 4S however appears just by holding down the home button and is there at your command. Siri of course is one of the most touted “smart features” of the iPhone 4S.

The camera on the 4S at 8 megapixels is superb and it has HD video recording. However with features such as burst mode, the Samsung Glaaxy S3 is ahead in the brains department. You can also record in HD and take a photo at the same time which is very handy.

If you want to be able to transfer files on the iPhone you have to use a sharing app. the S3 on the other hand has S Beam and all you have to do is tap two phones and then choose the file you wish to share. This puts the S3 ahead in the smart department even further.

When it comes down to which of the two handsets is the quickest this is no contest. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is very fast.

So basically Samsung is the leader when it comes to smart, with their S3, as the handset has some great features and intuitive functions and the voice is more natural on S Voice than on Siri to further show it. There is one thing to take into consideration though, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was designed to go up against the iPhone 5. So don’t rule Apple out as dumb just yet.

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