Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S: S3 Powerful But How About Overall Experience?

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A recent story by MobileN Apps has revisited the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S, however this time looking at it from a software front. So how does the Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich stand up against iOS 5+ on the iPhone 4S. Here are some points worth highlighting.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with Ice Cream Sandwich & TouchWiz vs iOS on iPhone 4S

Apps: The first thing mentioned is the fact that Apple are closed off to apps which are not by Apple, whereas Android are open and therefore perhaps not vetted quite so thoroughly. Nevertheless with a bigger selection of Apps in the App Store versus Google Play, the iPhone 4S stands out in front of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in this respect.

User control:  iOS is known for its simplicity, whereas Android can get quite complex and is highly customisable with its layout. To see just what we mean by customizability, check out some of the beautiful creations at

Updates: Samsung are not the best when it comes to timely updates nor support on earlier devices, which means if you are in a contract you will probably be stuck with the same OS for the entirety of your contract, as when there is an update, your phone may not support it or it will come along at a time when there is already a more newer update from Google. iOS on the other hand have created updates which are compatible with their earlier devices, even if it isn’t fully compatible, and you can ensure a good couple more years for the iPhone 4S to keep receiving the latest updates.

iPhone 5: Some think there is no point comparing the current iPhone device, the 4S, to smartphones on the market as the iPhone 5 will be out soon which could be far superior, and is likely to come out the same time as iOS 6 with it already loaded into to the device. No official statements have been made about the iPhone 5 yet, but there have been plenty of leaked images which people are speculating on. This actually proves to be a negative point for the iPhone 4S and positive for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you are looking to buy a phone right now, the S3 is a better choice in this respect as you won’t have buyer’s remorse from an S4 for sometime now. As for the iPhone 4S, it could just be a few months before the iPhone 5 makes you feel like you’re running on outdated hardware.


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