Apple Calls Samsung Galaxy S3 A Bigger Version Of 4S

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It seems that Apple are not satisfied with winning the patent court case against Samsung as they had filed another case against Samsung, involving four additional products. One of these is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple has already been given more than $1 billion in damages and there was a partial ban in place on some devices recently.

Apple said Samsung Galaxy S3 is a bigger iPhone 4S

Apple however wants to see the Galaxy S3 banned in the US and certain other parts of the world. They say that the S3 infringes on their design patents and that Samsung have used them without seeking permission.

PC-Tablet reports that Apple said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a larger version of their iPhone 4S. This of course has backfired as we saw S3 sales continue to rise given that consumers got the impression that Samsung have made a handset as good as Apple’s and it is cheaper.

Apple may be getting more and more worried as the Samsung Galaxy S3 has enjoyed amazing sales so far. These sales were reportedly boosted when Apple revealed the iPhone 5, suggesting that the iPhone 5 wasn’t as revolutionary of an upgrade as everyone hoped.

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