HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Tables Have Turned

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With all the hype behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 running for months before its release, many fans couldn’t help but feel that the Galaxy S3 ended up as an incremental upgrade over the Galaxy S2. While features like a 4.8-inch display and quad-core Exynos processor did come to fruition, they were cloaked by criticism of being a Pentile screen and leaks pointing towards US variants coming with dual-core chips instead.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: No underdog here

As high of a pedestal as the Samsung Galaxy brand became recently thanks to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus, their latest flagship may finally give other Android manufacturers a shot at the title of best Android smartphone of the year, if they can pickup their game. In particular, we’re talking about HTC who managed to turn their game around with the One series despite a disappointing fourth quarter.

Hardware-wise, the flagship HTC One device, the One X, is evenly matched with the Samsung Galaxy S2. However there are a couple of advantages it has over the Samsung Galaxy S3 in my opinion. For starters, its camera with an f2.0 lens and custom image processing chip coupled with great software. Secondly, HTC has stripped down its Sense UI greatly as compared to Samsung who have added more on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with its heavily tweaked TouchWiz. This of course is a matter of personal preference as I have always preferred the stock Android experience over manufacturer touches, especially after Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was launched. It still remains to be seen whether all these TouchWiz tweaks Samsung has thrown in will prove to be truly useful or just gimmicky at best.

Moving on, the super bright LCD2 display on the HTC One X hasn’t attracted any criticism unlike the Pentile screen on the Galaxy S3. This coupled with the disappointing exterior design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the adored styling of the HTC One X may be just enough ammo for HTC to push their device as the better option.

However for all this to actually play out, HTC will need to stop being “quietly brilliant” and voice it out. With distinction the Galaxy brand earned last year, the Galaxy S3 is going to run numbers regardless.

Which one do you plan on going with? The Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X? Sound off in the comments below.

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