Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X: 10 Facts Set Straight

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially announced last week and with it revealed what was hyped up to be the best Android smartphone of the year, While features like a 12-megapixel camera, ceramic body and 2GB RAM never came to fruition, the Samsung Galaxy S3 still sits up there with the most powerful smartphone available on the market – the HTC One X

So the next question is, which is better? The Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X. Here are 10 things you need to know in order to judge for yourself.

4 reasons why you would pick the HTC One X over the Samsung Galaxy S3

Gorgeous polycarbonate unibody design, brighter IPS LCD 2 screen with a full set of subpixels,    Beats Audio integration, and the HTC One X is available in stores right now.

6 reasons why you would pick Samsung Galaxy S3 over the HTC One X

Larger display, bigger display contrast and sunlight visibility, more storage options (HTC One X is non-expandable 32GB), S Voice natural language commands and dictation (like Siri), large swappable 2100mAh battery, and Smart Stay feature which utilizes the 1.9MP front-facing camera for eye tracking.

Did we miss out on any other merits that the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X have over one another? Sound off in the comments below.

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