One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S3: HTC Brings Knife To A Gunfight

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If you are with AT&T and you plan on getting a new Android handset, you could be contemplating between the HTC One X+ and the Samsung Galaxy S3. So will it be the 4.8 inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the 4.7 inches of the HTC One X+ that wins the battle?

HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S3

At 4.7 inches the display on the HTC One X+ is slightly smaller than that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However the resolution of the display is the same at 1280 x 720p and it comes with 312ppi, while the 4.8 inch of the Galaxy S3 is 1280 X 720 with 306ppi. Both of the devices are light, the One X+ weighs in at 4.55oz and the S3, 4.7oz.

The HTC One X+ measures 5.31 x 2.75 x 0.35 inch and the S3 is 5.38 x 2.78 x 0.34 inches. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in a range of colours including white, blue and red, while the HTC One X+ is in black.

The HTC One X+ runs out of the box on Jelly Bean, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has ICS and an update to Jelly Bean should be out very soon given that it is already rolling out in Europe. Processor wise the HTC One X+ has the Tegra 3 quad core chip and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the dual core S4 Qualcomm processor.

Both of the handsets come with NFC, have 8 megapixel cameras and the One X+ also has an additional processor which is just for processing images. The One X+ has voice assistant and Google Now, which come with Jelly Bean and the S3 has S Voice.

Both of the handsets have a battery of 2,100mAh, but the one in the One X+ cannot be removed, while the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S3 can. You can get the HTC One X+ with 64GB and the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in a choice of 16GB or 32GB. The S3 also supports SD card up to 64GB. The One X+ features Beats Audio and it has an FM radio built in while the S3 has neither.

The HTC One X+ has the Sense 4+ overlay and the Samsung Galaxy S3 works on the TouchWiz interface. Both handsets have music, video and app stores with plenty of options to choose. At the moment there is no price set for the One X+ and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is $199.99 or $249.99 depending on the amount of storage you want.

So which is a better buy? When comparing the original HTC One X to the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC’s device lost because it didn’t have a removable battery or storage. Sure it had the looks and decent specs but that wasn’t enough to beat the S3 which went on to become the best selling Android phone to date. Now as HTC gives it a second shot with the One X+, they make the same two mistakes again. While the HTC One X+ is a step up from the Samsung Galaxy S3, I doubt it will not hamper sales of the S3 in any way.

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