Samsung Galaxy S3 vs One X: HTC Is Sexier & You Know It

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are without a doubt the most powerful Android smartphones on the market right now. However the Galaxy S3 is getting more attention despite the One X featuring a more luxurious design, having a higher dpi, and personally what I think is a better looking skin (Sense vs TouchWiz).

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

So why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 selling extremely well but the HTC One X isn’t? Well, if you put the sexier design cues of the HTC One X aside (both inside and out), you will see why.

One fault with the HTC One X is that the battery cannot be removed. However on the good side the battery on the handset was optimized so this shouldn’t be an issue. External storage is needed on the handset or at the very least cloud services. You do get 32GB and Dropbox, however if you have HD video and lots of music, this isn’t enough.

You either love or hate the looks of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some say it has a plastic look while others think it looks stylish. This of course is just a matter of personal choice. The TouchWiz interface is again something you like or don’t. It does provide functionality providing you like it.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to take on a slightly blue tinge compared to the display of the One X and the display is Pentile which some do not like. Again its really all about preference.

All in all both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are great choices if you are upgrading, however looks aside the S3 inches in front thanks to its numerous S-apps, mountains of accessories, removable battery and external storage support.

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