HTC One X Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S3 In Most Ways… Depending On How You Look At It

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One of the must have devices of this year is the Samsung Galaxy S3, yet despite the fact that it has been one of the most pre-ordered handsets with Android ICS, the HTC One X is still selling well around the world. So just how does the HTC One X remain in the spotlight despite going head to head with the best smartphone on the market? Perspective.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The HTC One X was the first device in the stable of HTC to have a quad core processor. The Galaxy S has done the same internationally. On their release both of these top handsets had the latest operating systems, Android 4.0. The One X does have the advantage over the S3 on paper however. This is thanks to the 1.5GHz processor compared to the fact that the S3 has a 1.4GHz. Both of the devices have 1GB of RAM too. You would think then that the One X would come in as the winner here with its higher processor. However in benchmarks it was shown that the S3 packs more power thanks to the quad chip’s processor having newer architecture. Those who believe in the bigger is better theory of course would argue this point and naturally think the One X is superior.

The 8 megapixel cameras on both of the handsets are packed with features which include an LED flash, autofocus and they are capable of taking video at 1080p. HTC pushed their camera whereas on the release of the S3 Samsung didn’t really say anything about theirs and this meant that people didn’t realise there had been changes from the camera of the S2 (also 8MP). The CEO of HTC in fact went one step further and said that the camera on their HTC One X beats that of the iPhone 4S. A bold statement that immediately made the camera on the HTC One X a big selling point.

The HTC One X is able to stand up to the S3 in many ways depending how you look at it. It also comes with the advantage of being the easier of the two devices to get your hands on, as there have been shortages of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in most parts of the world. Another factor in the favor of the HTC One X is in design; it looks and feels the more premium device of the two thanks to the cheap plastic look of the S3. This last point however is a matter of personal preference.

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