Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC M7: Who Has The Upperhand?

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The HTC M7 may offer users a more satisfying experience than the Samsung Galaxy S3, in a number of ways. That is of course if the rumored specs prove to be true.

First is due to the fact that the HTC M7 has a better feel and the build quality is better. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is robust, however the plastic design does make you wonder why you paid so much out for the handset as it feels flimsy.

The HTC M7 will continue to show off just how much flair the company have when it comes to design and their choice of matte finish materials that are premium.

Another reason is due to the display of the device. There is not much difference in size, however if you are looking for a display that is edge to edge, or as close as you can get it, then this is the more impressive of the two handsets.

Perhaps what is more important is the fact that the quality of the screen is superb and it does offer clarity that cannot be beaten. It is 1080p HD of course.

Both of the devices come with Jelly Bean 4.1 now and so one doesn’t have an advantage over the other. Sense 5 does look as though it is going to be the better choice over TouchWiz; that is of course if you want to keep the default user interface as close as possible to stock Android.

While the HTC M7 will not be a huge leap from the Samsung Galaxy S3, when it comes to powe, it should be an improvement. And as mentioned earlier, it will have more substantial appeal for the build, its looks and the software. And when it comes down to it, this is what really matters to many when comparing just how satisfying the device is to use.

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