Samsung Galaxy S3 vs DROID RAZR HD: Why I’ll Wait For Moto

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Anyone who wants to update their Android phone faces a dilemma – the Samsung Galaxy S3, out now, or the much hyped Motorola Droid RAZR HD which is expected out on Verizon later this year?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs DROID RAZR HD

Looking at the two phones, the first thing to think about is design. The DROID RAZR HD has a Kevlar back that looks great and is very sturdy. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is made of glossy plastic and feels and looks cheap. The RAZR HD has it here.

One strange thing about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it has a physical home button – but as it has Ice Cream Sandwich, there’s no real need for one. The Droid RAZR HD uses the same onscreen buttons that come along with Android 4.0 just like in the Galaxy Nexus.

Another important consideration is battery life. The 2,100mAh on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is impressive, but you have to remember that it has to run that 4.8” screen. The RAZR HD has a 4.6” screen and is rumored to have a 2.500mAh battery and so should last longer than the S3.

In terms of UI, it’s a choice between Blur or TouchWiz. It’s a matter of choice, but Blur is fab in videos, and with the ICS update has a bluish tint that is futuristic and appealing. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a greenish tint that is reminiscent of Gingerbread. However, TouchWiz has loads of features that will more than make up for its lack of looks.

Cameras are a crucial feature too. The Droid RAZR HD is said to have a 13MP camera, whereas it’s a fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an 8MP one. The S3’s camera has no shutter lag and has burst mode, two features the RAZR is expected to bring as well.

Both phones are fab, but it might be worth waiting for the Droid RAZR HD to have a look at it before choosing. We anticipate a September launch, which is only around the corner.

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