Samsung Galaxy S3 US Release Date Unanimously Declared For 1st June

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Earlier this month when the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced, Samsung stated that Europe would be first in line to get the device on May 29th. So far, this schedule looks on track with many UK stores already confirming they would have Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders filled by then (some stores are even allowing in-store pickups on that date).

Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date pegged for June 1st

However what remained in the shadows was the Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date. Samsung stated that we could see it sometime this summer only. Now that vague date may have been narrowed down to June 1st.

The date comes from Amazon US where multiple sellers have stated that Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders will ship out on June 1. As the folks over at ChristianPost conclude, “Amazon’s listings state that those who order the device will have it shipped to them on June 1 and should receive it on June 4.”

With Samsung reporting that they have accumulated 9 million pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S3, this will come as good news to many folks. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that there are no hiccup with its US release (e.g. import ban on HTC One X in the US due to Apple patent infringement).


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