Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops An iPhone 5: 15 Reasons Why

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Now that the iPhone 5 is here and slugging it out with the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Korean giant has released an ad detailing 15 reasons why its flagship phone is better than the iPhone 5. Let’s take a look at some shall we.

Samsung ad: 15 ways Samsung Galaxy S3 tops the iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has NFC and the iPhone 5 doesn’t. NFC is like Bluetooth, but you can transfer info by tapping the phone to other NFC-compatible devices. It has a host of other capabilities as well as it is compatible with other NFC equipped products.

Smart Stay is a handy little feature that keeps the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen lit up while you’re looking at it. This works best in bright areas.

Direct Call is a brilliant feature. If you’re composing a text and decide that it’s easier to call the person instead, you just hold the phone to your ear and it starts dialing them.

Palm Swipe Capture means you can do a screen grab by swiping your palm over the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen. The iPhone 5 does screen grabs as well, but you need to hold down the home and on/off buttons.

Palm Touch is like Palm Swipe, but you use it when you’re listening to music to mute it instantly.

Picture in Picture is great if you want to watch a video while doing something else – the film appears in a small pop-up.

Shake to Update lets you get updates from Twitter, Facebook and so on by simply shaking the phone.

The removable battery is one of the S3’s best features. If you buy a spare battery and keep it charged, you’re on to a winner. The iPhone 5 still has a fixed battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has microSD support for up to 64GB. The iPhone 5…..doesn’t.

Turn Over to Mute does as it says on the tin. If you have an incoming call and you need to silence it pronto – turn the phone over!

Tilt to Zoom is another self-explanatory feature. Tilting is easier than pinching, apparently.

The ad was a bit biased, with Samsung forgetting to include clever iPhone 5 features, but you really can’t argue with the S3 features that the company crowed about. Check out the full list below.

Samsung ad

Samsung ad

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