Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Can Be Great (Tips)

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Battery life on the very recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 (international version) has been found, over a week’s use, on the high side of average, for an Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life tips

While it is giving significantly better level of usage than the LTE Galaxy Nexus which has notoriously bad battery life, the device has not quite reached the same level of battery life as the AT&T HTC One X which was also reviewed quite recently. Despite this, it is worth a go as we all use our phones in different ways and it may last longer for some people than for others. It is after all pretty impressive in other ways, with it’s quad core processor and 1GB of RAM.

Also, remember that most of us are never satisfied with the battery life, no matter how good, as charging can be an inconvenience, and running out of battery when you are not near your charger even more so.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does offer some advice and hints as to how you can save your battery life (in addition to the general tips we already know about, e.g. dimmer screen, etc). If these don’t work enough for you, check out the tips by PocketNow in the video below.

We can say that it does make a difference, although not as much as we would have liked. The biggest saving we’ve seen to date has to do with the 3G radio and suggest turning off mobile data to prevent the battery from draining to quick (as well as if you find it runs hot). Well enough chatter, check out the video below for some Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life tips.

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