Samsung Galaxy S3: You May Be Holding It Incorrectly

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We will never forget the dodgy positioning of the antenna on the iPhone 4 – users had to avoid covering that part of the phone if they wanted to maintain a call. Steve Jobs’ typically less-than-diplomatic response to complaints was to tell Apple fans that they were “holding the phone wrong”. Apple relented eventually, though, as made a bumper case for iPhone users to make call drop-outs less likely.

Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual shows how to hold the phone

Samsung, it seems, is desperate to emulate Apple at the same time as it sees it as a rival, so you can’t help but snicker at the excerpt from the Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual.

Samsung has put the antenna at the bottom of the S3, making it highly unlikely that users would ever obscure it when making a call, as the gadget can’t be cupped in your hands as easy as the iPhone (it is 4.8-inches big). You’d have to have hands the size of shovels to be able to hold it like that with just one hand….. However, Samsung has included the proviso in its manual that users shouldn’t cover the bottom of the phone.

Of course, all phones need antennae, so there’s always going to be one weak spot that will lead to dropped calls if it’s covered. This Apple-a-like instruction is still highly amusing, though – is Samsung having a gentle dig?

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