Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Enhance Battery Life

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be one of the best-selling handsets but it does have its faults. One of these is the battery life on the handset. If you want to get the most out of your S3, try these tips on for a size.

Samsung Galaxy S3 tips to improve battery life

Email syncing is ok but it takes a toll on the life of your handset’s battery. Rather than have email pushed to the Samsung Galaxy S3, you could set the phone up to check for mail at a specific time, for instance every hour. This will help to conserve your battery.

Never let the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S3 discharge itself completely. If you want long term capacity out of the battery then you should aim to charge the device as often as you can.

To ensure your battery lasts longer between charges you can lower down the brightness of your Samsung Galaxy S3. Better still you can change the settings of your device to auto brightness and make use of the power saving mode on the handset.

While the live wallpapers may look great on the background of your Samsung Galaxy S3, they do help to drain the battery. Therefore you can save precious battery by having static wallpaper as the background.

Keep the apps on the handset up to date and if you are not using GPS or Hotspot, turn these off to save your battery.

You may wish to try deleting your email account from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and then adding it back. This helps to refresh settings on the device and helps with the battery life in case you feel like there is some degradation since you purchased the S3.

If all else fails and you are certain that there is something wrong, as a last resort you could back up any information you have on your handset and then do a factory reset. You can then restore the back-up you performed to get your device back to the original form.

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