Samsung Galaxy S3: 10 Ways To Get More From Your S3

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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was the best seller of 2012 and it’s still going strong. Android now has thousands of apps, and the Galaxy S3 is capable of lots of great things. Here’s ten amazing tricks you can do with it:
Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks
With the Viper Smart Start app you can remotely start your car in the morning! Install the device in your car and then you can get the engine idling while you finish your breakfast coffee. When you get into your car, it’s toasty and warm…
You can check out your heart rate with the Instant Heart Rate Monitor. You place your finger on the GS3’s display for a few seconds.
If you need to match colours exactly – to perfectly match your rug and curtains, for example – then use the ColorSmart app.
On the subject of interior decor, you may need to take exact measurements, and by using the camera lens on the Galaxy S3, Smart Measure Pro enables you to do just that.
You can also turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 into a spirit level with the iHandy Carpenter toolkit to make sure your shelves are always level.
You can download an augmented reality app to look at your house room by room to visualise items of furniture, colour schemes and design features in it.
If you’re really into design, download the Mark on Call app which lets you create blueprints for pretty much any project.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 can also double as a remote control with the RedEye Mini app from Think Flood. You can control all your gadgets from the one source…..the power……
Your Galaxy S3 can also turn on and off your lights, as well as dimming them, even if you’re not in the building. The Phillips Hue app and the accompanying smart bulbs work together to give you control over your illuminations.

Your telly also falls under the thrall of the GS3 with the FiOS Mobile Remote app. It can control your cable box, recording your fave programmes remotely.

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