Samsung Galaxy S3 Flickering Bug Quite Common

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Does your Samsung Galaxy S3 have screen flicker problem? This has now become a growing problem that is affecting more than just a few S3 users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 flickering bug complaints

The components that go into a smartphone are numerous, and all of them need to work in harmony together if things are to run along smoothly. Just as with a car, if one part goes wrong then you are sure to find out. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been noticing an issue in the form of screen flickering. Phandroid reports that If you search for this on Google it will bring up a long list of issues.

Reading about the issue on several posts it seems that the problem is not identical for all Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. Some have said that they have seen artifacts when they scroll, while others have said that they see it when they open their keyboard.

Phandroid states that they have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that has a similar problem. With theirs the issues is seen when moving from one app to another app. It isn’t a flicker as such, more an issue with the graphics, when the image on the display is in horizontal stripes. This happens just for a split second, so if you happen to blink you will miss it.

It’s hardly noticeable; however it may be a worry if it gets worse as time goes on. Some people believe that the issue is down to the digitiser on the display, while other people are saying that it could be the Samsung Galaxy S3 GPU at fault. Whichever is causing the issue it needs to be stopped?

So have you looked very closely at your display on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and have you seen an issue with it? Let us know your experience.

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