One Samsung Galaxy S3 Sold Every 0.45 Seconds [REPORT]

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Within hours of the Samsung Korea telling us about the sales numbers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung in Poland have confirmed that more 30 million Galaxy S3 handsets have been sold already.

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales figures revealed

This happens to be the highest amount for a device in the series. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has beaten sales of the S2 by a long way as the S2 sold more than 10 million when it was launched in 2011. The Samsung Galaxy S3 beat this with sales of 20 million earlier this year. The Galaxy line-up continued on with the likes of the Note 2 and the mini version of the S3 and it shows no signs of sales slowing down on the run up to Christmas.

In an update, Samsung said that the mark was reached thanks to the supply side, within just 5 months. This is a great deal faster than any of the previous devices. Statistics reveal that one Samsung Galaxy S3 leaves is sold every 0.45 seconds, this accounts for around 190,000 units for 157 days.

The Galaxy S meanwhile took around 17 months before it sold 20 million and the S2 made the 30 million mark at 14 months of being on sale.

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