iPhone 5 Can’t Touch Samsung Galaxy S3 Swagger, Still Rocking The Phone Sales Charts

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t going to be thwarted by such things like the launch of the iPhone 5 or a lawsuits. CNET reports that since 1st August, S3 sales have grown each week by around 9%. There were even large spikes at the time the iPhone 5 was launched and the jury gave their verdict in court.

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales strong despite iPhone 5 release

The sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 jumped up 16% from 21st August to 27th August. On the 24th, the jury reached their verdict and Samsung were told to hand over $1 billion in damages. It is thought that with the court case all of the focus was on Samsung and this helped to bump the sales of their handset up. Some consumers were worried that the handset would be banned and rushed out to get it.

There was another spike in sales between 11th September and 17th September and sales rose by 15%. On the 12th, Apple revealed their iPhone 5 at their launch event. The week before this has seen sales flatten out when consumers waited to see what Apple would offer by way of a new iPhone.

Without a spike in sales, on average the Samsung Galaxy S3 has remained firm in sales, this means that the sales have continued, despite the fact the iPhone 5 is now in stores. Localytics, who studied the data, analysed the amount of S3 handsets running apps and determined the weekly growth of the S3 around the world. They said that they support 350 million devices and several million of these were Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets.

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