Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Boosted By Mistaken “Outlaw Status”

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Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have gone through the roof following the patent court case which Samsung have just lost, despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be affected by the result reports PCAdvisor.

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales rise as consumers worry it may become “illegal” too

It seems that consumers are worried that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be taken from the shelves and this has sparked a rush on purchasing. Some stores have run out of the handsets, including two Costco stores who sell the S3 on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Two out of three Sprint stores also reported being sold out of the device. Three stores of Verizon said that they still had the handset in stock but did say that it had been outselling the iPhone 4S in that month. All five of the stores of AT&T said they have seen a boost in sales of the handset within the first few days following the verdict.

The managing director of equity research over at Global Equities said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a very popular handset and people were perhaps rushing out to get it as they mistakenly thought that they may not be able to purchase it in the future if it is taken off the shelves.

At this time, Apple wants 8 Samsung devices banned but they are mainly the Samsung Galaxy S2, DROID Charge and a couple of other favorites from last year. There is no mention of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at all.

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