Apple Not Satisfied With $1B, Wants Samsung Galaxy S3 Banned

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Samsung are about to do battle again with Apple and this time it is to keep their flagship handset the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the shelves.

Apple wants Samsung Galaxy S3 banned from sales

Samsung lost to Apple in the recent patent court case and have to pay Apple $1 billion. Apple is asking that handsets are taken from the shelves and they are now adding the Samsung Galaxy S3 to that list.

A jury found that Samsung had copied the technology of Apple along with features and designs in order to take market share from Apple. In the filing Apple said that they had slavishly copied technology and they were in violation of the intellectual property rights of Apple.

At the moment it is unsure what, if any, impact this will have on the case that is currently on-going in Australia and a spokesman for Apple in Australia declines to give any comment. There is a hearing set for December where we will find out if Apple will get their way and Samsung devices will be taken from the shelves. An executive for Samsung said that they might alter functionality of the devices affected so as to make sure that they are not taken off shelves in the USA.

Nevertheless, if you were considering upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S3, we’d suggest doing it right away.

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