Samsung Galaxy S3+ Coming Before Galaxy S4? [PICS]

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Samsung could be extending their range of Galaxy devices even further if a benchmark is anything to go on. The Korean device maker could be revealing another Galaxy S device; however at the moment just what the device might be is not clear.

Samsung Galaxy S3+ leaked, coming before S4?

Sammy Hub said that a device has shown up in the NenaMark2 database and the handset reached a score of 58.5 fps. The device does appear to be in the Galaxy S range of handsets as anyone who knows about the naming scheme of Samsung will tell you.

A few specs have been mentioned in the benchmark. The device is said to be the GT-I9600, it will have a resolution of 1280 x 720, Mali 400 graphics, a processor of 1.4GHz and it will have the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS.

There is the possibility that the device may actually be another version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 given the specs. This may mean that it is the Samsung Galaxy S3 except it has some minor mods hence the different model number.

With the specs being very similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we could be seeing something like a Samsung Galaxy S3+.

Samsung of course will be revealing the Samsung Galaxy S4 at some point in 2013 so this S3-like device may launch pretty soon. Check out the picture of Samsung Galaxy S3+ Nenamark results below.

Samsung Galaxy S3+

Samsung Galaxy S3+

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