Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Lowered As S4 Prepped For Stores

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The best-selling handset of 2012 was the Samsung Galaxy S3 and despite the fact that the handset isn’t one yet, the successor to the handset has already been announced. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is no doubt a superb device, however there is a new handset out and this means that the Samsung Galaxy S3 price tag will come down. You can get the best savings over in Malaysia and India were there are no subsidies.

The drop in price makes the device a superb bargain, even with there being a new device just around the corner.

When the handset came out in India, the price tag of the device was Rs. 43, 000. it then went down to Rs 31,900 and then last week it went down to Rs. 29, 480. Klipmart are offering it from Rs. 29, 200.

Over in Malaysia the handset was RM 2,300 and it then went down to RM 1,500.

There will be some people who believe that this will be a bargain that they cannot ignore, even though the new device has been announced. This is down to the fact that when the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out the cost will be high. The device may have a price tag of around $589 USD.

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