Samsung Galaxy S3 Headed For Early Retirement

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Samsung could be getting ready to launch the successor to the Galaxy S3 as early as February 2013 reports SlashGear, which means that the S3 would only have had 8 months of limelight. This would put pressure on the new iPhone 5 just announced by Apple. It is thought that they will announce the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. This news came from an executive that did not want to be named adds the blog.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to bring new fight to iPhone 5 as early as March, retire S3

If Samsung did launch the Galaxy S4 globally in February one of the biggest changes would be a new screen of 5 inches. However, this would put the device among the phablets out there and would be a large step up from the 4.8 inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is thought that they would stick with the Super AMOLED tech, but it is not known whether the display would be flexible tech, this could mean a screen that could be curved around the chassis of the phone or bent.

The device may have the Exynos processor, it would have support for LTE, and of course, it will have Android software. It may also come with a better camera by way of 13 megapixels.

There may be some changes to the design but it will still have the rounded corners like the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is thought that the timetable of the Samsung was decided just three days following the announcement of the iPhone 5. Samsung want to refresh their flagship handset just nine months after the originals launch and it should be a contrast to Apple’ yearly iPhone cycle.

The sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S3 have beaten those of the iPhone 4S in the US during August and this is the first time that an Apple device has been beaten. However this may changes now that Apple have released the iPhone 5, if the pre-orders are anything to go by.

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