What Samsung Galaxy S3 Shortcomings Will S4 Improve Upon?

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 was only released in June, but thoughts are already turning to the S4, with rumors hinting at an early 2013 release. 2013 still seems like a long way off, but as leaks are already trickling in, we thought it’d be fun to start a wish list of specs and features that’d hopefully make it into the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4: How it can improve on the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a massive success the world over, even though US customers had to wait a bit longer for it. A short while back we speculated on what would happen if the S4 came out early to coincide and compete with the iPhone 5 in an unusual head-to-head showdown. This battle is unlikely, but it does look like the.

So what’s buzzing around the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the blogosphere? These are the top rumors: A 12MP camera that can take 1080p videos with stereo sound, a higher-res display and a multimedia emphasis:

Some suggestions mention a better display – the S3’s PenTile display has let some people down despite its HD resolution. Others hope for a bigger more powerful battery. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a big 2100mAh offering, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy serious users, and many are still complaining about battery drainage.

The design could also be better – the infamous cheap and plastic feel hasn’t done it any favors, so a higher-end design with better materials wouldn’t go amiss.

An improved S-Voice system, a Google Chrome default browser and JellyBean OS (although we may be looking at Key Lime Pie by next year). Are there more random additions and improvements for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Waterproofing? The Youm flexible displays that were rumored to be included in the S3? Send us your predictions.

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