Samsung Galaxy S4 With A Generous 7-Days Battery Life & Aluminum Unibody Design… Unfortunately Only A Dream Right Now

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Samsung did amazingly well with the Galaxy S3 when it became the most pre-ordered Android handset of 2012. Now they could do even better if the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S4 is anything like the concept from Bob Freking (see below).

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept shows how to improve already impressive S3

His rendering is stunning and the device comes packed with powerful specs and features, including a battery that would last 1 week from a single charge.

The concept Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a camera of 16 megapixels and a large 4.8 inch display with on screen buttons and 1080p resolution. The battery is huge and would not be removable from the handset and would last a full week between charges. In the concept rendering the physical home button is gone and the device takes on a more curvy appearance.

The S4 concept would have 32GB of storage and come with the TouchWiz interface. The display is covered with Hyperglaze and on the front there is a 2 megapixel camera. The concept handset has been designed in unibody metallic and is powered by a 2GHz Exynos processor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

If Samsung release anything close to this concept they will blow everything out of the water and won’t be laughed at for having a glossy plastic look to their flagship handset. The battery life would be another head turner.


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