Better Get Samsung Galaxy S4 Ready, Apple Now Wants $3 Billion! [REPORT]

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$1 billion may sound a lot to you and me but Samsung may have gotten off lightly when the jury found them guilty of copyright infringement and the judge said Samsung had to pay this sum to Apple.

KT: Apple may ask judge to raise Samsung fine to $3 billion

The Korea Times reports that their source have said Apple is planning to ask the federal judge to boost this sum of money to triple the amount. This would mean that instead of paying $1 billion, Samsung would have to dig deeper into their pockets and fork out $3 billion.

The Korea Times said that said that if Apple were to do this it would be the moment when the world actually saw Apple in their true form, a patent monster. A little harsh for a national newspaper but we’re guessing they are really sour with the predicament Apple has put Samsung in.

Coinicidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most successful Android device to date. The Korean company projects 30 million sales before the year is up. They better just get cracking on the Samsung Galaxy S4 as it would help bolster their bank account next year when it comes time to settle the fine in courts.

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