Samsung Galaxy S3 & S2 Jelly Bean Update Now Available Courtesy Of Custom ROM

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Samsung will update the Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean before the year is out, but as yet it seems unclear whether the S2 will get the 4.1 update. However developers at XDA have brought Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 already with a custom ROM. This makes the OS available for both phones unofficially even before Samsung has announced them.

Samsung Galaxy S3 & S2 Android Jelly Bean update now available via experimental custom ROM

Faryaab, one of the developers of the ROM, has offered his version of the Jelly Bean port for the international Samsung Galaxy S3 (a port means that it was designed for another phone and has been adapted). The UK developer has had the Android 4.1 OTS update for the Nexus up-and-running on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This ROM is in its infancy, though, and some features won’t work properly, like the camera, SD card, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There’s no audio during voice calls, either, so it’s best to eschew this early version or you may “brick” your phone.

LastStandingDroid, another developer, has shown off his Jelly Bean port for the Samsung Galaxy S2, but S2 owners will have similar problems, and this release is said to be bug-ridden.

Both these ROMs are for experiment only and aren’t recommended for everyday use just yet. The developers will be ironing out wrinkles and improving the functionality to give a more stable JB ROM in the near future.

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