Free App Has Samsung Galaxy Battery At 100% 8 Hours On

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While we love the Samsung Galaxy S3, it has the same major drawback that the S2 had last year, poor battery life. If you’re like me, you’re lucky to make it back to your nightstand at the end of the day with more than 10 percent battery remaining.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver app works like a charm on Samsung Galaxy S3 overnight

I have since tried numerous battery saver apps like Juice Defender even after hearing directly from Google Android engineers that it is no substitute for the built-in battery management system. However I still managed to get a little out of my Samsung Galaxy S3 at the end of the day, around 6 to 7 percent to be exact.

My biggest drain generally happens overnight. After having my Samsung Galaxy S3 charged up to a 100 percent by 11pm I unplug it and only pick it up again at around 7pm the next day. In this time I find that the battery has depleted to around 85 to 90 percent. So by the time I am at work it is already down by 20 to 30 percent.

Today a Redditor posted details about an interesting app developed by an XDA member called Deep Sleep Battery Saver. Available free on the Google Play Store, the Redditor said that he found his Samsung Galaxy S2 lose 0% battery over an 8 hour period when he napped. This is of course with the usual connections turned on.

I have since given it a try on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and found almost identical results, seeing a loss of only 2 percent. Give it a go if you have similar problems and do tell me your results as well as which Android phone you are using. As far as I can tell, I haven’t gotten any missed calls or SMS delays so it seems to be keeping the device “alive” enough.

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