Samsung Galaxy S3: Is It Naughty Or Nice?

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There is no maker of smartphones that have been able to top Samsung this year when it comes to TV ads. This year they have shown us some very interesting ways to use the features on their Samsung Galaxy S3 in ads.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ad for Christmas released

Just last month there was an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 showing a women sending her husband a naughty video so that he could take it with him on his travels. She transfered the the video over the air from her S3 to this. Now a new ad has emerged for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is basically the same, however this time the couple are in the form of Mr and Mrs Santa Claus.

Their marketing has been spot on of late. They have covered just about everything from sharing photos of new born babies instantly to how to get the perfect family photos on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now Samsung are showing that they know what else the handsets are used for by their owners. Of course the new ad does prove that Samsung are not just after Apple, but the whole market.

So what do you think about the ad, Apple wouldn’t have made one like this for its iPhone 5 this Christmas right? Check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 ad below.

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