Samsung Galaxy S3 Review Roundup: What Everyone Thinks

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The Galaxy S3 from Samsung is the best device available on the market at the moment. However with the latest generation iPhone 5 being expected to be revealed this week an out of court battle between Apple and Samsung is set to begin. So just what is all this fuss about the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 review roundup

When it comes to battery life, the speed of the processor and managing media the Samsung Galaxy S3 has raised the bar and is the one to beat. The HTC One X comes close to it but in regards to usability and its power, the S3 reigns supreme. One of the main let downs of the device is its looks as it doesn’t offer a premium feel. If it’s great looks you are after then a device from HTC, Apple or LG may be better for you.

However if its power you want then the Samsung Galaxy S3 has it, it is perfect for those who like to play games, surf the web and stream HD movies, thanks to the 4.8 inch display. It is also packed with innovations and features and Apple will have to have something very special up their sleeves with the iPhone 5 if they are to beat the handset. Let’s take a look at some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews from around the web:

T3: “For Android lovers, it’s hard to fault the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the only other handset to come close is the HTC One X – and it comes very close. The S III wins out for features and innovations. But, be warned, it’s going to be too big for some hands.”

CNET: “The S3 is a phone for people with serious power hunger and a healthy bank balance. If you want a device for 3D gaming, HD video streaming and surfing the web like a pro — I don’t mean faffing around with mobile versions of websites or lightweight apps — the S3 has the superpowered engine and massive display you’re looking for.”

Consumer Reviews: “The large screen attracted me to the phone. Once I started playing around with the phone at the store, I noticed the sophistication and beautifully integrated user interface of the Android operating system. Without larger screen offerings, I would have never been shaken out of my Apple fan boy apathy.”

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