Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews In A Nutshell: What’s The Verdict?

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 happens to be the best smartphone out at the moment. However this may change when Apple release the iPhone 5 tomorrow and while the court battle between Apple and Samsung has ended, the out of court battle for the best handset is only just beginning. But what do people really think about the Samsung Galaxy S3 after being available on the market all this while?

Samsung Galaxy S3 review roundup (the 3 best S3 reviews from around the web)

T3 said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best device if you want to stream and watch movies in HD or you are a gamer or spend a lot of time surfing the internet. This of course is due to the superb 4.8 inch screen. Apple will have a hard time beating the Samsung Galaxy S3 unless they have done something really special with the new iPhone 5.

CNET said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the device to own if you wanted a lot of power and you had plenty of money to spare on a handset. Again they mentioned surfing and watching HD movies on the large display as its main advantages.

Consumer Reports said that it was the large screen that people liked and the fact that it was a sophisticated handset with a superb user interface. The iPhone 4S seemed a little too small after utilizing the S3 for just a few days.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does offer great battery life, has a fast processor and Samsung raised the bar to new heights with media management. The HTC One X is its closest rival at the moment, but right now the S3 takes the crown of the best smartphone on the market.

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