Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: Mostly Praises

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has to date sold over 20 million handsets since its release. Whether it will decline in popularity due to the released of the iPhone 5 remains to be seen, but just what is it about the S3 that made it such a must have handset? We took to the web to see what the top tech testers had to say about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here is a taste.

Samsung Galaxy s3 review roundup: mostly praises

Gaming Illustrated called the Samsung Galaxy S3 “a premier handset” and with the display covered in Corning Gorilla Glass, it is tough too. The battery life on the handset is good and the apps store offers numerous apps and rivals those in the Google Play Store. It is better than the iPhone 4S and it could even beat the iPhone 5.

Expert Reviews said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had lived up to the hype that had surrounded it before the handset was launched; it remains to be seen if the same thing could be said about the iPhone 5 as it continues to fall in customer’s hands with mixed reactions.

CNET provided the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a four out of five rating, calling it a top end handset that has the hardware and it performs superbly with some great features.

Laptop Magazine also gave the device four out of five stars and said that it came top in just about everything and had features that were innovative, which no other handset had.

PC Magazine gave the Samsung Galaxy S3 a good rating and said that the device was very impressive and came with 4G LTE and some unrivaled superb features.

Overall the critics can’t say enough good things about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has been praised to kingdom come and continues to outshine rivals, even those that have come after it.

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