Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: Top Tech Testers Have Their Final Say

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We’ve all gone on about how the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones around, but the iPhone 5 has come along to challenge it. This fight between Apple and Samsung will be fought in the market place, which can be harsher and less forgiving than any court.

Now the first batch of iPhone 5 reviews have already come rolling in. Let’s take a look back at what the Samsung Galaxy S3 was like when it first launched and what the top experts had to say about it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review roundup

The Samsung Galaxy S3 processor speed, battery and media management is brilliant, and has proved hard to beat, but two areas in which it’s been slated are the battery life and its poor design. The iPhone 5 and the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S3 nearest rivals, have won in the design stakes, and it may be its looks that prove to be the chink in its armor.

However, you can’t deny that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the most powerful phones out there, which makes it a must for gamers and those who watch media on their devices. The amazing 4.8” screen, as well as strong features and software don’t hurt, either. The iPhone 5 is a striking piece of work too, and it functions well, especially since the 200+ tweaks and additions in iOS 6.

Android fans will love the Samsung Galaxy S3 unconditionally, but some may also find it unwieldy due to its size. If you’re still trying to decide between these three major players, have a look at these reviews from tech gurus in the know – if they can’t help you to decide, you’d be better off drawing straws!

CNET: The S3 is a phone for people with serious power hunger and a healthy bank balance. If you want a device for 3D gaming, HD video streaming and surfing the web like a pro — I don’t mean faffing around with mobile versions of websites or lightweight apps — the S3 has the superpowered engine and massive display you’re looking for.

T3: For Android lovers, it’s hard to fault the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the only other handset to come close is the HTC One X – and it comes very close. The S3 wins out for features and innovations. But, be warned, it’s going to be too big for some hands.

Consumer Reviews: The large screen attracted me to the phone. Once I started playing around with the phone at the store, I noticed the sophistication and beautifully integrated user interface of the Android operating system. Without larger screen offerings, I would have never been shaken out of my Apple fan boy apathy.

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