Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: Top Experts Give Their Final Verdict

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Recently we said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the best handsets on the market. But this could change as Apple has released their iPhone 5 now. So could this means there will be another fight taking place between Samsung and Apple, but this time out of court and for the title of the best-selling handset? You bet.

Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews from around the web

The battery, processor speed and media managements is superb on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and can take a beating. However there are two areas it has been heavily criticized upon – its poor battery life and its design. The HTC One X and iPhone 5, the S3’s biggest rivals, have won in the design department and that may be the back gate that Samsung has accidentally left open for rivals.

Nevertheless the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful devices on the market which makes it a winner for those who like playing games. And let’s not forget that beautiful 4.8 inch display. The handset has some great features and software, but the Apple iPhone 5 also comes with great looks, performance and more than 200 new features thanks to iOS 6.

Android lovers will not be able to pick fault with the Samsung Galaxy S3 but for some individuals the device may prove difficult to manage with one hand due to its sheer size. So if you’re still contemplating whether you should jump on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or go for its top two rivals – HTC One X & iPhone 5, here are the top reviews from around the Web from tech gurus who’ve had time with the Samsung flagship phone. It may just help you decide:

CNET: “The S3 is a phone for people with serious power hunger and a healthy bank balance. If you want a device for 3D gaming, HD video streaming and surfing the web like a pro — I don’t mean faffing around with mobile versions of websites or lightweight apps — the S3 has the superpowered engine and massive display you’re looking for.”

Consumer Reviews: “The large screen attracted me to the phone. Once I started playing around with the phone at the store, I noticed the sophistication and beautifully integrated user interface of the Android operating system. Without larger screen offerings, I would have never been shaken out of my Apple fan boy apathy.”

T3: “For Android lovers, it’s hard to fault the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the only other handset to come close is the HTC One X – and it comes very close. The S III wins out for features and innovations. But, be warned, it’s going to be too big for some hands.”

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