Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Stores Prematurely, Available Now In Some Regions

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The long wait for some fans of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is over as the flagship model has gone out to retailers in some regions ahead of the official primary launch in Europe (one more week to go).

Samsung Galaxy S3 now available readily on store shelves in Dubai

Pocketnow reveals that reports have begun to come back in other markets that have already had the Galaxy S3 and who have given a few lucky individuals the chance to take them home.

Currently reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is only available if you happen to live in Dubai. The phone is being sold openly in the UAE. First the sales were thought to be nothing more than some store owners and employees allowing the phones to leak out just a few days earlier than they should have. Now this theory has been busted as promotional materials advertising the phone are also available across the country.

The sales of the long awaited handset does not do any of us much good, unless you are on holiday in Dubai at the moment and have managed to pick one up to bring home. Currently the phone is selling for what equates to around $680 and when you take into consideration that the handset would sell for around $800 on Amazon, this is an absolute bargain.

If you cannot get over to the UAE you will have to wait until the end of May when the phone will be released in Europe or until June if you live in the US.

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