Samsung Galaxy S3: Why You’ll Want To “Tap That Ass” Literally

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first Android device to have quick tap technology, a new way to utilize its NFC chip for contactless payment.

Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts quick tap technology

Quick tap is a method of contactless payment which Barclays brought out to make use of NFC. This means that those using the system are able to pay for things without having to use pin numbers. To make purchases using the quick tap system, Samsung Galaxy S3 users find a shop that offers this method of payment and then tap the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the payment machine.

This system has been used on phones including the Tocco and the Wave 578, but so far it has been missing on the Android OS. Barclaycard are providing their service to the Samsung Galaxy S3 but not all those who own the S3 can use it. To be able to tap you need to be on Orange, bought the handset after 5th September and have a Visa card or UK Mastercard. It is thought that the feature may be available for those who purchased their Samsung Galaxy S3 before the 5th, later.

Barclays is also offering Galaxy S3 owners with Orange £50 phone credit if they choose to sign up for the quick tap service between 5th Sept and 5th Oct. Around 100,000 locations support this method of payment including McDonalds, M&S and Co-op Food.

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