[PICS] Samsung Galaxy S3 + PS3 Controller = Pure Awesome

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has some serious hardware under the hood. That coupled with its massive 720p display makes it a threat to handheld gamers if it weren’t for the touchscreen controls.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in a gaming machine!

However there is now a way around it as we saw in a 9gag post earlier today. The humor website has posted an elaborate setup featuring a Samsung Galaxy S3, PS3 dual-shock controller, game clip and the sixaxis app that lets it all work together.

While this may seem overboard, when you consider the games the Samsung Galaxy S3 has access to thanks to the Play Store as well as the healthy developer community which allows emulators to run on the Android phone, it does make sense.

Check out the screenshot below to see some of the games that were tried out on the gamed-up Samsung Galaxy S3. Grand Theft Auto 3 caught my eye but I get the feeling this setup would be better suited to something larger like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What do you think?

Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 setup for games

Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 setup for games

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