Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Slashed Drastically As S4 Takes Helm

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You can now get the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $10.00 with carriers in the U.S, thanks to the approach of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is despite the fact that the Samsung galaxy S3 isn’t even one year old, however the successor to it isn’t making its way to meet AT&T, T-Mobile, sprint and Verizon in April.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 happens to be one of the best devices available. It doesn’t have the display of 1080p HD, a camera of 13 megapixel and the features that are offered with the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is getting an update which will being features such as eye tracking and motion scrolling.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with a price tag of around $99 and monthly payments of $249 along with a contract of two years. We have seen some variations of this with other carriers when the release details of the device have emerged.

This is not the first time that we have seen deals and the drop of the cost of the handset. However it does happen to be the first time that the device is available for under $100. this could end up being the permanent price for the device.

Almost all carriers in the US have the Samsung Galaxy S3 for much lower thanks to the successor being on its way. However Verizon are the ones that are holding out. There is no mention of the Samsung Galaxy S4 release there and the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still $199 along with a contract of two years.

Over at AT&T you can get the handset with a contract of two years for $99 or you can get it off contract for $449. Sprint has it for $99 to customers that are new and T-Mobile are offering it for $69 down payment and monthly payments of $20.

some of the largest discounts are with 3rd party sellers such as Radio Shack and Amazon. They will perhaps offer the handset for discount for the remainder of its life.

Carriers are able to play around with the pricing of the device and as we get closer to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 the price tag of the predecessor will come down even more. This will be very tempting for those who cannot afford to pay out for the new handset.

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