Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 Price Gulf Doubles!

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The iPhone 5 is, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3, the most hyped-up smartphone going. However we must remember that while both are 2012’s star devices, they were released pretty far apart from each other – making way for a price fluctuation during the time.

iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3: price gap widens

The price of the unlocked iPhone 5 is staying static at the moment, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 price tag is shrinking with age and hence widening the gap between these two giants. PopHerald reports that the 16GB iPhone 5 is rising in price – from $950 to 980 at their last supply checks. They attribute this to ongoing supply issues and growing demand. The 64GB iPhone 5 costs a shocking $1,180 – getting on for twice the recommended retail price of $649-849 set by the Apple Store.

On the contrary, the recent release of Jelly Bean gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One X is making the Samsung Galaxy S3 even cheaper. It has dropped from $750 (16GB) to as low as $530 in some places points out PH. This is for the GSM HSPA+ model that’s sweeping the globe.

So, when you look at the basic 16GB models for both phones, the iPhone 5, at $980, is almost twice the price of the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 at $550. This is interesting to watch, as you can see how supply and demand affects pricing. It’s a bit harder to discern in the US though, as networks subsidise handsets quite heavily and lesser individuals buy devices contract-free.

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